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          Madunice, the domicile on Považie, lies 80 km from Bratislava, between Trnava and Piešťany. Madunice is first mentioned in the given document of the King Koloman who deposited the domicile to the monastery od of St. Hypolit in Nitra. It was date to the year 1 113 and the original name was Medencz. For this period the domicile and its inhabitants outlived more lords. The last one was the family of Erdödy, residing in the castle near Hlohovec.

During XVI. - XIX. centuries Madunice was an important cultural and social centre in this territory. In the XVII. century the parish, notaroffice, the school and later the Červeník, Drahovce.

For ever the domicile was written to the Slovak history by the Catholic priest Ján Hollý - the greatest poet of Barnolak´s period. He was in activity here nearly 30-ty years (1814-1843). His tradition was revived by another Madunice priest - dean Michal Bubnič. From his iniciative the monument of Ján Holly was built and also the altar of the oak from the greenwood Mlíč under which the greatest works of Slovak literature were written. The ancient history of the domicile was written down by Dr. Jozef Szombath - the founder of the parish chronicle. He also effective supported the unions and cultural life of Madunice people.

The agriculture was the main way of making the inhabitants living. Later, in the period of the Great Depression, many of inhabitants left abroad to get job. A lot of families lived in one house, they wore the beautiful national costumes which they embroidered and adorned themselves. They based various unions, acted dramas and kept the cultural heritage of the past. The inhabitants suffered from many wars, disasters, especially from lots of floods.

After the World War II. the face of the village was changed. The progress advanced in the context of political and economic relations of the former Czechoslovakia. It was changed also the life of people - their houses, jobs, clothes, customs and culture. Some new platns, the water power - station, a new school, a nursery school, gymnasium, water supply, the shop - centre etc. were built in the territory of Madunice. The character of the territory of the village was directed by the agrarian cooperative. 

And with this all there were people with their troubles and pleasures. They confirmed their love and a nice relation through their aid in the charities. The future also will not follow without their collaboration and helpness. 


date: 2019-09-21

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