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Welcome to Madunice, to a picturesque village with its rich history. The village its population of 2180 inhabitants is located in the southern part of the Podunajská lowland between the Váh and Dudváh rivers. The first written recording dates from the year 1113. Residents were mainly engaged in agriculture (farming). They wore gorgeous folk costumes which they embroidered and decorated by themselves. They gave theatre performances, established fellowships, appreciated cultural heritage of the good old days.


Ján Hollý that time still an unknown catholic person came to such surroundings in 1814. The greatest poet of the period of Slovak classicsm and a propagator of Bernolak´s language lived here almost for thirty years. The village became well-known, in fact even famed, legendary locality in that period. It was visited by Štúr followers and Slovak distinguished officials and functionaries of Slovak public life. The poet was inspired by this small village locatedin the fertile region with beautiful, lovely surrounding nature and this resulted in the creation of splendorous works and small poems celebrating a simple man and the Slovaks. Outside the church a commemorative room of Ján Hollý at the parsonage and a memorial in the garden can be seen nowadays. The church which is consecrated. To the Birth of Virgin Mary is a village dominant feature up to the present time. Its lateral altar is made from oak tree under which Hollý used to write in the grove Mlíč. In 1985 was Ján Hollý recorded into the register of the World natural and cultural heritage UNESCO as the most importantpoet in Slovak history.


This modern village aims to from conditions for business activities to which social and material welfare of inhabitants is related, not forgetting culture. Since 2000 the local authority and post office have had a seat in a new complex along with a house of culture, restaurant and accommodation for guests.


The agriculture cooperative-trade society has influenced the village life for four decades. Wheat, sugat beet, corn (maize) and onion are mainly grown. The growing of onion has such a dominant position (status) in the village that since 1996 so.called the Onion festival took place here the first of its category in Slovakia. This appealing social event offers multitude of cultural-social and sports events where everything goes round the onion.


The hydroelectric power plant on the river Váh has influenced the life of dwellers and village sourroundings. These days picturesque recesses by the riverside became to be a fisherman´s paradise and are places of frequent walks and rests not only for the people from Madunice. There is Slovak fishing championship on the Madunice water channel every year and in year 2003 50-th World championschip of nations in fishing took place here.

The village has favourable railway and road location as well. Private restaurants alongside the main road serve tourists and travellers-standard quality restaurant in the village centre „U Stanku“ and „Važinka“ for more demanding people.  


date: 2019-10-21

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